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Money market instruments & derivatives

As an independent broker, ContiCap offers its clients an exceptionally efficient platform for money market transactions. Since 1998, we have been trading directly in many emerging markets using interest rate swaps, basis swaps and FX forwards. With just a single mouse click, bidders and buyers can access our extensive network and profit from our many years of direct contact in markets such as Poland, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Turkey, South Africa and for some time now even Switzerland.

Thanks to our unrivalled infrastructure we are in a position to provide our clients not only with a valuable base of information but also show them the best prices in the shortest possible time.

During the past few years, ContiCap has assembled a team of experts who can inform clients in the opaque OTC markets about the newest market movements and react with lightning speed to their requirements.

We would like to invite you, too, to discover our value added when it comes to the trading platforms at Reuters and Bloomberg. These platforms make up an integral part of our infrastructure and allow us to conduct business quickly and efficiently.

Trading swaps and derivatives contains significant risks