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A bond, being a standardised product targeted at all types of investors, of course requires less intensive advice than a custom-tailored solution. Far more important for our clients, though, is quickly finding the corresponding purchasers and sellers. While securities exchanges often show only limited volumes on the bid and ask sides, a large percentage of such transactions take place through the OTC market.

We use our extensive network to close this gap and above all find the corresponding counterparty for larger volumes as quickly as possible. As a broker, we do not trade in products we own; the focus of our activity consists solely of providing services for clients.

Every single transaction is handled individually by our experienced brokers. Instead of offering our clients fully automated electronic trading, we place emphasis on personal contact. By doing so, we are able to work out a fair compromise for both the seller and buyer and in most cases conclude a transaction in the middle of the bid and ask range.

Thanks to this service, our clients can concentrate fully on their daily business while we cover all their securities requirements while ensuring complete anonymity.

Trading swaps and derivatives contains significant risks